Christian & Zay make up the red-hot, flashy EDM artist duo known as Different Font. Most known for their timeless vocal remixes and popular trending song flips, the two came together in May 2023 and have not looked back since.

Their first single, All The Way Up, was an immediate hit, followed by their first flip of Peggy Gou's viral 'Nanana,' which smashed charts and reached the top 30 in most downloaded house songs in the world. Since, Different Font has been charted in the top 50 most downloaded songs in the world on each of their remix and flip releases. Different Font is also well-known for their HIGH SOCIETY mixes, an hour long volume series comprised of the artists' favorite song edits, remixes, and originals to play in their live shows, majority of which the two make themselves.

Along with their music, Different Font's show resume is quite extensive as well, having performed at some of the largest clubs in America such as The Grand, Big Night Live, America's Backyard, NOTO, Memoire, Somewhere Nowhere, Tikki Beach, and Shrine, as well as having familiar popularity in the college headlines.

Different Font continues to grow at a rapid pace and is quickly becoming one of the predominant DJ duos in the music world.